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There are several efforts underway to implement XProc, in both the open source community and in commercial products.

If you're an implementor and you'd like your implementation listed on this page, please let me know how you'd like it described and I'll add it.


Norman Walsh is building an open-source implementation in Java. Calabash is built on top of the Saxon APIs and uses XPath 2.0 as its expression language.


EMC’s Java-based XProc processor. The processor features an extensible architecture and is easy to embed in other Java applications. Free for developer use.


An implementation in Java, released under GPL 2.0. Developed by <xml-project /> it features a pluggable support for different XSLT- and XQuery processors.

QuiXProc Open

Innovimax's GPL, Java implementation based on XML Calabash adding Streaming and Parallel Processing. The is also a Commercial product at http://quixproc.com.


Tubular is a Java implementation based on immutable objects, in order to facilitate the addition of parallelism support, thus reducing the need for locking mechanisms.


XProcerity is a Java implementation focused primarily on high performance in multi-threaded environments, such as high-traffic enterprise web applications.


Jim Fuller's xprocxq is an experimental bootstrap implementation of W3C XProc Draft Specification, written in XQuery, for the eXist XML Database.

Test Suite

An official test suite for XProc is under development. See http://tests.xproc.org/ for more information.